Hi, I’m Imogen and I run the How to Student blog. Writing a blog was never really on my life radar but I’m finding it to be an entertaining and enjoyable experience. When I’m not blogging I can be found completing my Bachelor of Science degree, watching anime with my friends or riding the Segway at Questacon. 

My degree major is science communication, a growing subject that looks at the strategies and techniques that scientists can use to communicate their research to wider audiences. This blog is part of a science communication internship project. Through the blog I hope to give the wider world a greater insight into the unique everyday lives of young scientists.


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How to student: labs

At high school you’d be lucky if you were allowed to boil water, but University labs are infinitely more interesting because you get to work with more high-tech equipment.

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How to student: Science week

The most exciting week of the year for science students is undoubtedly National Science Week.

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How to student: libraries

The ANU has several libraries, but my favourite would have to be the Hancock Library.

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How to student: food

While there’s plenty of information out there about eating healthily, I’m finding the challenge for me is more about eating timely.

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How to student: settling in

I’m a hermit by nature so making friends in my first week was tricky, but much easier than high school had been. It helps that the people here in uni don’t mind if you’re a little dorky. Don’t believe me? Here’s the conversation that lead to me gaining my first friend.