Summer programs, workshops & short courses

Summer Schools & Masterclasses

We organise specialised short, intensive programs throughout the year at both undergraduate and graduate levels and across multiple disciplines, offered to international students from diverse backgrounds. These programs are offered by our world-leading academic staff and delivered utilising our state - of - the - art teaching and research facilities. The programs are designed to rapidly teach or train specific scientific knowledge and skillsets, and supported by carefully curated calendar of socio-cultural events and activities that take participants beyond the research labs / classrooms to engage with Australian culture, community, flora and fauna.  

Offered by the ANU Research School of Physics, the International Photonics Masterclass is an intensive, project-based learning experience centred around an in-depth optical metrology experiment which encourages open inquiry.

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Explore ideas at the frontier of science communication at ANU. Join us here at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at ANU.

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