Student appointments

You can book an appointment to speak with a Science Sub Dean to obtain advice on any matters relating to your academic career and progress at the ANU. Topics include, but are not limited to the list below.

The Sub Dean is also the approving authority on your eligibility to graduate. If ever you are in doubt about whether you are on track, or how to proceed, please do not hesitate to sent an email to

Appointment reasons

Appointments with the Science Sub-Deans can be made for the following reasons:

Academic advice

Before booking your appointment please check the relevant new commencers & first year students presentation for your program, as this may answer some of your questions. Please also download the study plan for your program as this may also help you determine how your courses fit into the overall program.

If you are not sure which courses to take, or which options are available to you then please book an appointment.

Cross-institutional application

If you are thinking about studying a few courses at another Australian Institution then you will need to get some paperwork signed and you will need to check that the course you are taking will count towards your ANU degree. Please book an appointment and remember to bring the following documents:

  • Course outline from the Host University printed-out.
  • ANU application for cross institutional study.
  • Host institution application (if it needs an ANU stamp or signature).

Student exchange program

If you are planning to go on exchange you will need to book two appointments with a Science Sub Dean before you go:

  1. To seek approval for the study plan. Before you go on exchange you will need to identify five institutions. This meeting will only take approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Once you have been nominated to a specific institution you will need to seek formal approval for the courses you will be able to take while on exchange and also apply to have your enrolment details for the relevant semester updated. This appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and you will need to bring:
    • Course outline from the Host University print-outs.
    • Enrolment Change form (the sub dean will help you fill this out)
    • OH-HELP forms (if relevant)
  3. Once courses are approved, you will be notified by email when your letter of approval is available.

After this meeting you will be provided with your ‘letter of exchange’.

Program transfer

If you are considering transferring to a different program it is may be beneficial to book an appointment to see how courses already completed will fit in with the new degree. An appointment is not mandatory but it is advisable.

Potential students

New students thinking about applying to the ANU often have questions about:

  • Admission requirement clarification, especially for non-year 12 leavers
  • Credit for previous study and how this will affect future enrolment

We welcome all enquiries and are happy to meet with students and/or parents. These appointments usually take 30 minutes.

Academic progress

Sometimes a semester does not work out according to plan and you may need help and advice in identifying strategies or resources to move forward. We may have called you in for an appointment or maybe you just want to come in and have a chat.

Credit from previous studies

Internal transfers: In most instances a credit application does not need an appointment. All you need to do is submit the credit application form to Science Central, Ground Floor Peter Baume Building (#42) or email it to

From external institutions/previous studies, Requests for credit from other institutions will need to be accompanied by original academic transcripts. If you have partially or fully completed a degree you may be able to get credit and reduce the overall amount of full-time study required. Please refer to Science policy on credit for more information.

Difficulties affecting your academic performance

If you have adversely been affected by unforeseen circumstances you can seek advice about how to proceed with your studies and future strategies. In some instances, you may have met all the requirements to apply for Late Withdrawal. If so, you can discuss this with the Sub Dean and then submit the form to Student Central at Building 121 Marcus Clarke Street.