Olivia Congdon


Olivia is Senior Science Writer at the ANU College of Science.


A black bird with a curved beak and red eyes

The white-winged chough is one of the weirder birds out there.

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Crocodile swimming

How did saltwater crocodiles snap up Yusuke Fukuda’s heart?

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Woman in control room at observatory

Searching for galaxies from the Anglo-Australian Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory

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Woman on a rock

“It is a strange thing being so intimately part of something but also not understanding what will happen, and the secrecies involved in it,” says ANU alumna and Alone Australia contestant Kate Grarock.

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Man in office with jars

Professor Alexander Maier wants us to change our mind about parasites.

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Man in front on autumn leaves

Dr Craig Stewart used synthetic chemistry to explore how to produce new types of weed-killing plants derived from natural products.

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