Olivia Congdon


Olivia is Senior Science Writer at the ANU College of Science.


Woman on a rock

“It is a strange thing being so intimately part of something but also not understanding what will happen, and the secrecies involved in it,” says ANU alumna and Alone Australia contestant Kate Grarock.

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Man in office with jars

Professor Alexander Maier wants us to change our mind about parasites.

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Man in front on autumn leaves

Dr Craig Stewart used synthetic chemistry to explore how to produce new types of weed-killing plants derived from natural products.

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Woman standing in front of trees

“We don’t think much about trees, but there are all of these mysteries inside them. Unlocking those mysteries will kind of help us save the world.”

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Brown weevil on green plant

Insect specimens are sitting in museum drawers all over the world waiting to be investigated. But entomologists like Dr Yun Hsiao are up to the task.

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Stars and people

The Indigenous science and stories behind Mulligans Flat.

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