Olivia Congdon


Olivia is Senior Communications Officer at the ANU College of Science.


A wading bird in the reeds

Why does this shy little migratory bird keep coming back to our capital city?

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Portrait of a man standing inside a building

Associate Professor Adam Piggott knows how mathematical ideas can transform our world, and he wishes more people were in on the secret.

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Woman at a desk with robot posters in background

Dr Jürgens has the “beautiful and challenging” task of combining the two very different academic cultures of science and humanities.

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Gnat on a greenhood orchid

Dr Tobias Hayashi studied a delicate little native orchid with a cool and clever adaptation to attract pollinators.

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A young male superb fairy-wren

Helen Osmond has watched the ins and outs of one superb fairy-wren population for three decades.

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