Dr Noelia Martinez Rey is standing inside the ruins of a telescope destroyed by bushfire.

Research story

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how wonderfully artificial you are

Dr Noelia Martinez Rey creates artificial stars in space using lasers to correct for the twinkling effect of atmospheric turbulence. “When you see a star twinkle, that twinkle is created by turbulence in our atmosphere,” she explains.

Dr Lara Malins in chemistry laboratory.

Research story

Fighting antibiotic resistance takes guts

As a kid, Dr Lara Malins loved playing with Lego. Now she is using those same skills to build new drug leads in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Research story

From spy thrillers to laser beams: quantum encryption is coming

In search of an unbreakable code, ANU researchers are looking to the realm of quantum physics. And: laser beams.

Shanae King is standing outside with remains of telescopes in the background.

Career story

For the next rendition of how A Star is Born, ANU is preparing an emu for spaceflight

Shanae King builds systems that are literally out of this world – or they will be, one day.

Analysis and opinion

We asked dads in STEM: how do you manage parenthood AND a career?

How often are fathers asked to justify having both a family AND a career?

Research story

Under the ice

What does the latest research predict about the future for Antarctica?

Research story

Could you survive a trip to Mars?

At a recent public lecture, Dr Emma Tucker posed a question to the audience: who would like to travel to space?