ANU transdisciplinary scientist chosen for ABC TOP 5 Media Residency

Publication date
Wednesday, 26 Jul 2023
Man seated outdoors
Dr Ehsan Nabavi. Photo: Nic Vevers/ANU

The Australian National University (ANU) transdisciplinary scientist Dr Ehsan Nabavi has been named as one of Australia’s best emerging thinkers and communicators, being selected for the 2023 ABC TOP 5 Media Residency Program – Humanities.

The program is designed to equip early career researchers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to communicate with media and their audiences about their field of expertise.  

As part of the program Dr Nabavi will spend two weeks in residence at ABC Radio National, alongside some of the country's best specialist journalists and broadcasters and engaging with teams across ABC TV, digital and social media.  

Dr Nabavi is a senior lecturer at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at ANU.   

Working at the intersection of engineering, social science and innovation, he uses empirical methodologies to examine interventions that may work towards Responsible AI. 

 “I believe in the power of technology to transform lives positively, but it must be done responsibly, with ‘responsibility’ at the forefront,” Dr Nabavi says.  

Dr Nabavi said the ABC TOP 5 Media Residency will be an opportunity for him to amplify the reach of his research, which will ideally create momentum for a national dialogue on responsible innovation. 

“I am hoping to learn the best way to communicate complex ideas in a world of competing facts and values around emerging technologies” he said.  

Dr Nabavi said, scientists in the field of 'responsible innovation' have a responsibility to actively engage with the media and the public. This engagement ensures that innovations align with societal values and are accompanied by ethical considerations in their scientific advancements. 

Dr Nabavi will undertake his residency from 7 to 18 August. During the residency participants are expected to create a media segment based on their expertise, either as part of a program, an online piece or a social media post.  You can follow Dr Nabavi on Twitter at @NabaviEhsan or LinkedIn at Ehsan Nabavi.

This article was first published by ANU CPAS.