ANU to pause coursework teaching for one week

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The global COVID19 situation continues to escalate. 

The Australian National University is taking every precaution to respond to this challenge in a way that ensures the wellbeing and safety of our community, as well as ensure core operations.

We are planning for the long-term.

Today ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt announced ANU will pause coursework teaching for one week from Monday 23 March.

Coursework teaching will recommence on Monday 30 March. 

This pause will allow the University to focus on four priorities: 

  • Finalising moving our courses to remote learning so we can finish semester one and continue teaching for the rest of the year; 
  • Focusing on safely bringing home staff and students who are currently overseas;
  • Setting up work from home arrangements for when they are needed, and 
  • Finalising local level business continuity plans.

The University remains open, including libraries, childcare centres, retail outlets and residential halls.

During the pause all staff, including casuals, will continue to be paid their usual fortnightly pay, and the pause will not affect any planned leave or self-isolation arrangements. 

Classes will resume on Monday 30 March, with the two week mid-semester break occurring as planned. Semester one will be extended by one week to allow for this pause, and the timing of the end of semester and exam period will be adjusted to accommodate this, as below:  

  • One week pause: Monday 23 to Friday 27 March 
  • Classes resume: Monday 30 March (new Week 5)
  • Mid-semester break: Monday 6 April to Friday 17 April 
  • Return from mid-semester break: Monday 20 April (new Week 6) 
  • End of teaching: Friday 5 June (new week 12)
  • Semester one exam period: Thursday 11-Saturday 27 June 

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt said: "There comes a time in every challenging situation to pause and regroup and make sure we are able to keep doing what we do best for the long term. 

"This is that moment for COVID-19. 

"Today, the Prime Minister stated that the actions we all take to meet this challenge will need to be for at least six months.

"That's why today I have decided to pause all coursework teaching for one week from Monday 23 March. This means there will be an additional week of teaching after the mid-semester break.

"I want to be clear. This does not mean coursework students should stop studying. You should continue your studies. The pause is in teaching - not learning - students are encouraged to keep studying independently.

"I understand this may be disruptive and I apologise for the inconvenience. But I do not make this decision lightly and it is in the best interests of maintaining the health and wellbeing of our community, as well as our key operations." 

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