Steven Petkovski

Steven Petkovski
Geological Museum Curator
Geoscience Australia

BSc (2008)


I am a local to the region being born and raised in nearby Queanbeyan (and still living there). More recently I have developed a passion for minerals, their stories, and exceptional aesthetic beauty (let alone what they can tell us scientifically) and am having a blast as the Collections Manager for the National Mineral and Fossil Collection.

I was never one who had a major interest in anything in particular career wise, I did take a lot of life experiences as a bush map to guide my way through and eventually find a love of geology.

My hobbies include watching and playing football (soccer), vegetable gardening, history, reading about Ethereum and how blockchain will change the world, and travelling to remote places around Australia learning about the geology, landscapes and people’s stories.

Area of study

I completed a Diploma of Geoscience at CIT before starting a Bachelor of Biotechnology and quickly changing to a Bachelor of Science (Geology) at the ANU which was completed part-time. I also have a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management, and have done other studies in gemmology and Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN). In 2022, I commenced a Master of Science in Earth Sciences at the ANU part-time.

Epic fail

As a pretend superstar athlete I once had a proud record of never having fractured or broken a single bone in my body which I flaunted to my family and friends regularly. This was all fine until one day when walking past the lounge room couch, I stubbed my little toe on the corner of it a few years back sending it to a 90-degree angle and having to go to the hospital and wait embarrassingly for my 'broken pinky' to be fixed.       

Proudest moment

So many to choose from… personally it was the day I committed and completed studying Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) so that I could communicate with my Deaf nephew. Professionally perhaps organising the loan and display of the only lunar touchstone in the Southern Hemisphere from NASA which is now on display for the public to interact with at Geoscience Australia.

Top tip

Don’t be afraid to go on a journey with your career, ask questions, experiment as well as deviate from the norm. Where you can, take advantage of opportunities, offers for support and always expand your learning professionally and personally.