Amir Hadad

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Lead Architect
Big Data Solutions


About you

I was born in a city called Shiraz, this is where the name Shiraz for the wine and possibly the grabes for Shiraz wine come from. It is locate in Iran. I was a full PhD Scholarship recipeint that was ~$88000 for the duration of my PhD. I am an atheist and I do repect people of different belief systems and backgrounds. 

I have a wide range of areas of interest and have done many different sports casually such as: Scuba diving (Have an IIS licence), Sailing, Tennis, Skiing (can comfortably ski in hard blue runs and manage my way down black runs), Swimming, Rock Climbing, Endurance Go Karting. I also love politics, philosophy and above all personal growth topics. Another hobby of mine is writing short stories and I have already published 5 of them online in Medium. 

Professionally, I have been in the IT industry for over 15 years and have done many different roles such as: Senior Developer, Technical Lead, Lead Architect, Data Science SME, Data Engineering SME and Data Specialist. 

Area of study

PhD in Computer Science, Masters in AI and robotics, Bacholers in Software Engineering. But I am also an avid table tennis player and play in tornoments around Autralian in vetrans competitions in my age group. I train over 10 hours weekly and very regularly.


Epic Fail

My most epic fail was when I wanted to have the final say in all matters in a critical project that I was leading with a team of 15 people. The project was excremly succesful for up to a year but then things start falling apart. Decpite of the difference the project made the team members ended up going separate ways and the solution we build despite of its huge impact got retired in a few years time! 

Proudest moment

Seeing people I have mentored and shared my knowledge and learning with flourish. I have had a close friend of mine that I hired in a junior role become a partner in Deloitte, a number of junior members of the teams I have led or senior technical people have progressed in their careers and gone through the public service ranks quite rapidly. That makes me very proud.   


Top tip

Share your knowledge and don't hesitate to say: I don't know when you don't know a topic, ask questions and go after learning them.