Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced)

Earth science deals with complex systems and processes that shape our planet. Pressing issues such as the safe supply of water, resources and energy, climate change, sea level rise as well as natural hazards are all intimately related to Earth sciences.

The ANU Research School of Earth Sciences is Australia’s leading academic research institution for Earth sciences, home to the largest concentration of Earth scientists in Australia, and ranked 13th in the world for Earth and marine sciences1.

The Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced) offers courses from different Earth science disciplines and training on how to gather data and interpret them are offered, as well as expert supervision for your extensive research project. There’s a broad range of research topics for you to choose from, including biogeochemistry, ocean and climate change, seismology and mathematical geophysics, and experimental petrology. You have the flexibility to vary the size of your research project by choosing whether to spend more time on your research or on the coursework component of the degree. You will be supported and encouraged by our academics in whatever path you choose.

Our facilities are at the absolute cutting edge, and if we don't have the equipment necessary to conduct our research then we design and build it, as we did with the Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP), which is now used around the world.

Career opportunities

A Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced) gives you the opportunity to gain a wide range of knowledge and skills that are relevant for employment in industry, government agencies, education as well as for further university studies. The program is an ideal pathway to a PhD.

It is an excellent qualification for pursuing a career in tectonics, geochronology, mineral exploration, hydrocarbon exploration and geological surveys.

1 - QS World University Rankings 2018


A number of scholarships and prizes are available to high-achieving students of the Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced).

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