Maths is at the core of all technological innovations.

If you like to master quantitative problem-solving, mathematical modelling and critical thinking, the Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences is the degree for you. It is an elite, research-focused program for exceptional students at Australia’s highest-ranked university for mathematics.

It is designed for students who want a career based in the quantitative modelling of the real world, a research-oriented career in government, commerce or industry, or who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies.

ANU has been ranked Australia’s best university for mathematics teaching and research. You will explore how to conduct research into modern mathematics, and applied contexts, such as health, information technology and economics.

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Mathematics is the study of universal patterns and structures and is the quantitative language of the world. It underpins information technology, computer science, engineering, and the physical sciences; and it plays an increasingly important role in the biological and medical sciences, economics, finance, environmental science, sociology and psychology. The Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences provides the tools to study these patterns and structures and along the way, you learn transferable skills in critical thinking, analysis, investigation and evidenced-based decision-making.

The Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences is a three year degree that can be tailored to  concentrate on theoretical mathematics or can extend to a range of applicable mathematical areas such as mathematical modelling, mathematical finance, mathematical economics, mathematical physics, and quantitative biology.

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The Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences is designed for students who want a career based in the quantitative modelling of the real world, a research-oriented career in government, commerce or industry, or who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies.

Graduates have gone on to work at:

  • Bureau of Meteorology
  • Geosciences Australia
  • Australian Signals Directorate
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Boston Consulting
  • Treasury
  • Australian Tax Office
  • Google

The Australian National University has been ranked as the top university for graduate employability in Australia in the Global University Employability Ranking 2023-24. As a student at ANU, you gain access to the ANU CareerHub – an online career development and employability tool that includes a jobs board and careers resources. You also have access to drop-in chats with a career consultant and to attend our career fairs to meet potential employers.


Vijay Boyapati, software engineer

As an alumnus of the ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute, Vijay was an early employee of Google and then founded his own start-up, funded by Y Combinator.

Field trips

Put scientific theory into practice through one of our many exciting fieldwork trips. Study the environment in Vietnam, natural disasters in Japan or the biology of the Great Barrier Reef.



As an intern, you will get hands on work experience that will put you ahead of the competition when it’s time to graduate. And did we mention you’ll get credit towards your degree?

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World class facilities

Our new $240-million science precinct on the ANU campus has state-of-the-art biological and chemical research laboratories, as well as a teaching hub.

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Learning experience

Man in front a green garden
Grover Lancaster-Cole. Photo: Nic Vevers/ANU

Flying high: from circus school to a maths degree

Grover spent his childhood travelling with his parents, who are both circus performers – but now he is graduating with an honours degree in mathematics.

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A man standing next to a blackboard, with maths equations on it
Professor Amnon Neeman. Photo: Jamie Kidston/ANU

ANU professor solves decades-old maths problem

For twenty years, the best alegbraists in the world tried, and failed, to solve a famously difficult problem.

How - and why - did Prof Amnon Neeman do it?
Mallika Sinha outside in front of a grey sculpture. Mallika is wearing a brown coat and is smiling towards the camera
Photo: Nic Vevers/ANU

It’s written in the stars: How maths can unveil the wonders of the universe

Like many of us, recent graduate Mallika Sinha wanted to become an astronaut when she grew up. Then, after seeing images of the rings and moons of Saturn taken by NASA's Cassini probe, she realised there was something even more exciting: astrophysics.

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Science precinct at ANU at twilight

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Dr Linda Stals

Associate Professor Linda Stals, First year course convener

Dr Linda Stals

Linda’s expertise lies at the interface of mathematics and computing, with a background in the implementation of scalable algorithms on high performance computers. Her research interests include efficient solutions of large-scale problems, parallel numerical methods, multigrid methods, finite element methods, discrete thin plate splines, and fault tolerant iterative methods.

Linda has been awarded a College Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, and is also a Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

Dr Vigleik Angelveit

Dr Vigleik Angelveit, Second year course convener

Dr Vigleik Angelveit

A graduate of MIT, Vigleik works in algebraic topology. In particular, he's interested in using methods from stable homotopy theory to understand algebraic K-theory.

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