ANU is the best place in Australia to study maths (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016), and thanks to our small class sizes, you’ll have access to some of the best mathematicians in the world. From computing and financial systems to black holes, cyclones and the formation of crystals, they will help you discover how our Universe is governed by equations and complex patterns, and why employer demand for maths graduates is booming. Mathematics is everywhere in science and more sophisticated and innovative mathematical tools—and therefore mathematicians—are needed every day in technology and in the community.

Career opportunities

Mathematics graduates are universally valued because of their quantitative problem-solving skills, and as technology advances, the need for skills in mathematics is more important than ever. For example, progression in data collection and data storage techniques have increased the importance of quantitative modelling, which allows banks and insurance companies to develop their own risk models and adapt their systems against ever changing economic environments. For this kind of quantitative modelling, maths graduates are often preferred over finance graduates.

Mathematics is also extremely important in medicine, insurance, marketing, computing, engineering, accounting, statistics and environmental modelling.