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3 reasons to study science communication beyond the West

All cultures have communicated their knowledge in diverse and marvellous ways throughout time. Failing to see the significance of this is racist and lazy.

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All cultures have communicated their knowledge in diverse and marvellous ways throughout time. Failing to see the significance of this is racist and lazy.


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Bronwyn Wilkes holding a basket of fruit and vegetables

Research story | 21 Sep 2020

If receiving your fruit and veg box makes you feel weirdly happy, you’re not alone

Beyond the convenience of skipping supermarket queues, it seems the humble fruit and veggie box can make some people feel, well, happier.

The cover of the Adelaide Surveyor General's Weather folios. Credit: National Archive of Australia - Adelaide

News | 8 Sep 2020

Help complete Australia’s longest daily weather record

We are launching a new citizen science project to create Australia's longest daily weather record, beginning 1838.

New York city

News | 4 Sep 2020

People power key to getting through COVID-19 pandemic

The strength of connections, be it human connections within cities, or collaborative networks between cities, has been a key factor in determining how effectively the world's biggest cities have been able to navigate the COVID-19.

Analysis and opinion | 27 Aug 2020

Need a mood lift? We’ve tracked 4 ways Australia’s environment has repaired itself in 2020

Researchers have collated measurements made by satellites, field sensors and people, to get a picture of the nature's recovery while we've been in lockdown.

News | 17 Aug 2020

Juvenile survival of world’s rarest parrot more than halves

New research shows one of the world's rarest birds, the orange-bellied parrot, remains at severe risk of extinction.

News | 12 Aug 2020

Researchers help endangered birds feather nests to beat deadly parasite

A novel approach to fumigating the nests of the 40-spotted pardalote has proven to be highly effective.

Analysis and opinion | 12 Aug 2020

Scientists devised a cheap, ingenious trick to save this bird from a blood-sucking maggot – and it works brilliantly

Saving endangered species from extinction is a challenging job that requires creative, affordable and effective interventions. In a rare good news story for conservation, we came up with one such method.

Analysis and opinion | 10 Aug 2020

‘It is not easy’: how science and courage saved the stunning Australian Alps

From an effigy hanging from a noose to an angry opponent wielding scissors, those who've sought to protect the precious Australian Alps have always been up against it.

Research story | 7 Aug 2020

These koalas escaped disaster. Now they are getting a second chance.

A group of ANU researchers are helping rehabilitate koalas after the 2020 bushfires.

Quoll being released

News | 23 Jul 2020

New reintroduction tactics boost eastern quoll survival rate

An experimental research project led by researchers from ANU has found a new way to boost the survival rates of eastern quolls reintroduced to the Australian Capital Territory.