Where could the Master of Science Communication Outreach take you?

Publication date
Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018

The Master of Science Communication Outreach is an incredibly diverse program offered at the Australian National University (ANU). The one-year program takes you around Australia travelling with the Shell Questacon Science Circus, providing specialist training in science communication performance and exhibition design.

This unique program has taken our alumni to amazing places across Australia and the globe. Our graduates are seen and heard presenting on national television and radio, writing and editing for science publications and communicating science in government organistions. Where could the Master of Science Communication Outreach take you?

Fulfil your childhood dreams

You may recognise Nate Byrne from delivering the daily weather report on ABC Breakfast. He found his way onto your screens in the morning by studying a Master of Science Communication Outreach, combining his communication skills with his meteorological and science expertise to inform and entertain audiences around the country.

“Being on the road with the Science Circus really let me hone my skills in communication. I’ve always liked talking, but it taught me how to talk with more meaning, refine my message, and be concise and understandable to a wide audience.”

Communicate climate change through exhibition design

Joe Duggan is another Master of Science Communication Outreach alumni who has put his skills to good use. He started the ‘Is This How You Feel?’ site as part of his studies with the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at ANU. He says the program taught him the skill of targeting science communication at diverse audiences.

“My masters at ANU gave me a solid grounding in so many areas of science communication, from show presentation through to professional development and facilitation,” Joe says. “It’s been fantastic to come out of the course and put these skills to use straight away.”

Choose the circus over the classroom

Kate O’Sullivan traded exams and lab reports to tour Australia with a brightly decorated semi-trailer filled with everything from bubble makers to leaf blowers. She got to spend every day surrounded by lively, intelligent and enthusiastic people with a passion for sharing the science that they love with other people.

"Running away and joining the Science Circus was the best decision I have ever made. I have been given the chance to inspire future generations of Australians to pursue science."

Scope out a career like Lee

Lee Constable combined her passions of science and drama into her studies at the ANU. After completing a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science (Honours), she went on to complete the Master of Science Communication Outreach.

She has landed her dream job as host of Network Ten’s science show, SCOPE. The masters study program gave Lee the skills to understand and translate complex scientific information into manageable formats for younger audiences to engage with – a definite benefit for a science-based show.

“Pursuing your passion and then having someone pay you for it – that’s always a good thing."

If the Master of Science Communication Outreach sounds like the program for you, apply now for the 2019 intake. Places in this unique program are strictly limited.