Study tips for science students, from science students

10 November 2017

99.9% of uni life is great.

The 0.1% that’s not so great? Exams. Love them or loath them, they’re part and parcel of uni life. The struggle is real.

We asked 10 science students to share their top tips for studying to get you through the next few weeks.  

Hopefully, they provide you with an extra boost of motivation, or ~if anything~ make you feel like you’re productively procrastinating.

Want more tips and tricks to help you glide through exams? Take it from the professionals at the Academic Skills & Learning Centre – they’ve put together a handy guide which you can find here.

“You’ve got to start early, because otherwise studying for exams can come become very overwhelming. I find past exam papers are very useful to run through. I also love running, so I go for a jog every morning to get the blood pumping! It’s a good stress relief!”

“It can be super, super stressful at exam time. My mantra for studying is you can only do what you can do – and there’s no point stressing about what you can’t!

“I always look at the past exams, to make sure I can understand and can answer every question, and pay attention to the key notes for each lecture because usually there will be one key takeaway that stands out from everything else. Meditation also has been very helpful for me.”

“You need perseverance! Everyone who’s at uni – no matter what degree you study – is going to feel overwhelmed, feel like dropping out, and feel like they're going to fail. But, don’t give up until the last moment, nearly always you’ll succeed! If you’re feeling stressed, working out can be very helpful.”

“Do the past exams, and try not to study too late. My favourite place to study on campus is the School of Art and Music Library – it’s not too crowded.”

“I never study the day of an exam, even if the exam is in the afternoon. It gives me space from the information, and allows me to separate myself from what’s really important in life, and the exam.”

“My advice is to sleep lots, have a plan and try not to stress!”

“When I study on campus, I study in the Hancock Library. I take down all the notes that I need throughout the semester, and read over those when it comes to exams, concentrating on the parts that I don’t understand as much.

“I do a lot of sport, touch football, so I try to keep doing as much as I normally do and study between that to relax.”

“Don’t leave studying to the last minute, and try not to stress out on the day of the exam. Take time to be by yourself in silence before the exam to make sure you are in a good zone. Also, go outside! Go have a look at the trees, have a look at the stars, and get a bigger perspective on what life is about.

“Maltesers are also a great study snack!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask other people for help. Form study groups, that sort of thing can really help.”

“My favourite place to study is the fifth floor bridge between Kinloch Lodge and Warrumbul Lodge, because it has a whiteboard which helps me with study. Otherwise, the benches outside the Peter Baume building are pretty quiet, and the physics drop in centre.”

“Make sure that you plan out a route for your study, know what areas you are struggling with, and really honing in on how you need to address each area of the course.”