Size does matter

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Friday, 27 Apr 2012

"I really like the size of the ANU." Coming from a large city like Sydney, student Ishbel Cullen finds living and studying at ANU a refreshing change. "The ANU is big enough that you have a really diverse range of people studying here. But, at the same time, it’s not too big. That means that, within a year, I have developed social networks."

Ishbel is studying a Bachelor of Science (Resource & Environmental Management) and is enjoying the flexibility the degree provides. "With the REM degree, obviously you have the environmental management and earth science subjects, but it’s also quite flexible. It means I’ve been able to study a politics subject each semester, which is good because I have a lot of other interests that I would like to study as well."

Most of all, Ishbel thinks that the field trips she’s been on have been a major highlight. "In 1st semester I had three field trips and then I did a winter course which had a five day field trip. I’ve been to the Kioloa campus and studied a course called Australia’s Forests, where we got to go up to the Snowy Mountains and see how the forestry industry works there. I would definitely see that as one of the highlights of the year, because I’ve never seen a primary industry like that before."

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