Meet Mhairin Hilliker: Bachelor of Science

Publication date
Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015

I'm studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Resource and Environmental Management.

In school I really enjoyed biology and other sciences and found myself drawn to environmental studies, as I'm passionate about creating a more sustainable world.

What I love about my degree is that my teachers are leaders in their field. When it comes to looking for books or papers for assignments, they've often been written by my lecturer or by one of my guest lecturers.

Growing up in Canberra I was tempted to move away to study, but the broad range of courses offered, and the reputation of The Australian National University had me sold.

It's great to get out of the classroom, and many of my courses have weekly afternoon field trips and go for a walk on campus or elsewhere around Canberra to see in practice the theory we learn in the lecture theatre.

While my degree is mainly taught at the Canberra campus, I also get to spend time on the Kioloa Campus on the New South Wales south coast. My favourite field trips are the ones to the Kioloa Campus as it's really beautiful there, an excellent place to study and fun to be in the field for a week.

Even though I don't live on campus, I still get to enjoy the college experience by being a member of Griffin Hall. We have a common room, kitchen and a general meeting area but what I really like about it is that I can join into inter-hall sporting events.

Soccer has just started up which is always fun getting involved in some friendly inter-hall competition!