Hi, I am a climate change and development scientist completing my second science degree here at ANU in environmental science. Currently I am exploring career goals in science communication, diplomacy and/or as a friendly environmental anthropology academic.  

As an Australian who was born in Bangladesh and trained in the UK, I am writing this blog to share my experiences with my fellow ANU students who also come from many different backgrounds but share a love for the things that make this campus so great.  

I have published two best seller Bengali novels, Shasuripuran (Uncovering the Mother in Law) and Shameesutra (The Husband Formula). I was awarded the City Anando Alo Literature Award for my debut Novel Shasuripuran in 2013 in Bangladesh. 

When I am not studying or writing for this blog, you might find me staring wistfully in the windows of high-end fashion shops, bargaining at saree shops in India or Bangladesh, or right here in Canberra reciting my poetry at the Front Gallery & Café.


Student blog

How a double degree really can please everybody

When I was growing up, it was difficult for me to choose a study path that wasn’t defined by my parents.

Student blog

ANU is my mum

When I fell pregnant, I wanted both a baby and a degree. This is what I did.

Student blog

A cheapskate’s guide to being an international student in Canberra

I know a guy who is really good at his job. His job—or maybe it’s more like his life’s mission—is to never pay for food.

Student blog

Winter is coming, with coffee (and more)

‘Why?’ I asked, unable to hide my curiosity. Is he going to ask me out on a date?

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Introducing Stunning Sully, the Miss World of ANU

A goddess with curves better than any beauty queen. I call her Sully, our own Miss World.