Study Science Communication at ANU

Join Dr Graham Walker and some current students to talk about how you can incorporate some science communication into your degree - or see if the Master of Science Communication might be just what you're looking for.

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23 Nov 2023 4:00pm - 23 Nov 2023 5:00pm
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Dr Graham Walker
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The Australian National University (ANU) offers a comprehensive range of science communication opportunities that cater to students at all levels of study, from Bachelor's to Master's and graduate certificates. These programs cover a broad range of topics, including media, popular culture, online platforms, policy, public engagement, and internships.

Under the guidance of leading experts, students develop a solid foundation in science communication, empowering them for careers as effective communicators, practitioners, researchers, or educators in the field.

Join Dr Graham Walker and some current students for this 1-hour webinar to talk about their experiences studying Science Communication at ANU. You will have the chance to ask questions as part of the webinar.

How to study Science Communication at ANU

The Science Communication major can be included in a Bachelor's degree and aims to complement studies in the traditional science disciplines and to provide a solid foundation for professional science communication careers.

For those looking for an introduction to science communication or a shorter degree, please see the Graduate Certificate in Science Communication which is available fully online and can be continued into a Masters.

For the Master of Science Communication, students can choose from two in-depth capstone experiences – Research Projects and/or Fieldwork Placements to suit pathways into academia, research, industry and policy contexts, or practical environmental and conservation communication, science centres, outreach and more. If your honours or other postgraduate qualifications are from the past seven years, you may be eligible for credit subject to approval (e.g. a cognate honours reduces the two-year masters to one year).


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