Health transitions and global population health challenges

Health transitions and global population health challenges

Date & time: 4.30pm 24 June 2021, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Location: Online
Speakers: Dr Matthew Kelly

In most low and middle income countries a profound transition is underway in patterns of health burden. Diseases of infection and poverty, and maternal and child health risks, are being joined by a rising tide of non-communicable disease and population ageing. This health transition is causing great pressure on health systems in low resource settings that struggle to cope with these new health challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has put further pressure on countries which are already adapting to the upsurge of non-communicable diseases. In this talk Dr Matthew Kelly will discuss the current public health challenges facing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, within a health transition framework.

Dr Kelly will also give an introduction to Australia’s leading university and the opportunities there in the field of population health.

About the speaker

Dr Matthew Kelly is a Research Fellow in the Department of Global Health within the Research School of Population Health, ANU. He has been conducting research on transitions in health burdens in the Asia-Pacific region for the last ten years. The main vehicle for this research has been a long running cohort study in Thailand, focusing on the rapid rise of non-communicable diseases in that setting. A second major research interest is in the strengthening of health information systems, particularly for mortality. In this field he is working in Indonesia with the Ministry of Health to build the first national registration system for mortality. He has also worked with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Population Division on improving information on mortality and its causes.

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