For National Science Week, we are offering STEM Bags full of free educational resources designed to provide hands-on learning experiences for children with each bag containing a range of 15+ activities, experiments, and materials related to different STEM fields. The bags are suitable for preschool through to high-school-aged children and would suit families, community groups, and schools. Younger children can enjoy watching or participating in the experiments, while older children can learn about the science behind the experiments. The bags contain a range of equipment, materials, and resources for conducting hands-on experiments and learning activities and are designed to be accessible and engaging for children of all ages.

The videos are available below to instruct you on how to conduct the experiments.

A ‘shopping list’ is available here for those who would like to supply their own materials (most are household items).

Adult supervision is required for younger children. Adults will be required to watch the videos and assist children with some of the experiments.

Registrations are essential. The bags will be available for pick up from ANU in the week leading up to science week.

Bubble mix recipe:

  • 1 cup dishwashing liquid
  • 4 cups water
  • 2 teaspoons sugar (optional)

Experiment instructions

(all the instructions will be uploaded here by 28 July)

What will each bag contain?

Each bag will contain all the key materials you need to conduct more than 15 experiment activities across the topics of environmental science, biology, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, physics, earth science and engineering.

*Some items you need to provide, like a bucket and a cardboard box.*

The digital instructions and videos for the experiments will be available to download and view on this page by the start of National Science Week. 

When will you receive your STEM bag?

Bags will be available for pick up in the week leading up to Science Week (12-20 August 2023).

Who will be eligible to receive a bag?

Anyone living in the ACT can request a bag. Limit of 1 bag per person. The bags are suitable for preschool through to high-school-aged children and would suit families, community groups, and schools.

What happens after you register?

There is nothing required from your side, the bags will be given on a first-come, first-served basis so your order will be accepted automatically after your registration unless otherwise we contact you.

You will be notified by email on further updates.


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