Rahul Ravindranathan

Energy Project Officer (Assistant Director)
Climate Change and Energy Division, ACT Government



 Professionally, I have been working in the clean energy industry for close to a decade, with focus on energy efficiency and demand side management. Having a background in electrical engineering has also helped me review various clean energy projects technically. Currently, I am working with the Zero Emissions Government team, to support all ACT Government Assets to transition to net zero emissions by 2040. Personally, I am a social and fun loving person. I am an avid soccer fan as well as love cooking, trivia and travelling.

Key experience areas

Culturally diverse background / International Student / first in family to go to university abroad.

Area of study

As part of my degree (Master of Energy Change), I have done a few technical courses with CECS focused on renewable energy technology as well as a few policy based courses from Crawford school. I have also done courses related to environment and climate change offered by Fenner School and College of Science.

Epic Fail 

Under-estimating the size of the campus as well as the location of various buildings on campus when I had first started. It was week 1 and I was under the impression that all sessions for a course were held in the Science Teaching Building (STB). However, the tutorials were being held in the Crawford building. Unfortunately, I failed to check that and rocked up to the STB and was shocked to see the class was empty. I realised something was wrong and checked the ANU timetable, just to realise it was in Crawford Building. I remember walking as fast as possible and reaching the class about 20 mins late - huffing and puffing in front of about 40 students and the tutor. Being the first week, I escaped from any "penalties" but it was an embarrassing moment.

Proudest moment

When I was invited to be featured in the 2018 student profile for the Master of Energy Change degree cohort (click here). It was a good opportunity to share my story with the student community and possibly motivate anyone looking to do something similar.

Top tip

Keeping an open mind is the best way to progress as a student and as a professional. Even a silly suggestion can lead to some creative solutions!