Aniruddha Deshpande

Project Manager
Neoen Australia Pty Ltd

Master of Energy Change


About you

I am a renewable energy professional working towards the green and clean energy and electricity grid for the future.

I grew up in Pune, a beautiful, cultural and educational city in Maharashtra, India. I completed my education up until bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in Pune before moving to Australia to pursue a master's degree in Energy Change. I have been here in Canberra for over 5 years now and am just in love with this city!

I enjoy short hikes, bike rides, yoga and some nice game time on my PS5. 

Area of study 

Energy and Climate Change. 

Bachelor's in electrical engineering, Master in Energy Change

Keen to delve deep into First Nations Histories and Cultures

Key experience areas

International Student / Culturally diverse background / Moved away from home. 

Epic Fail

Underestimating the positive things around you. At the end of my masters degree in 2019, I visited my home country without looking for a job before going, when I had enough time on hand. I was (a bit over) confident about getting a job once I was back. However, things went out of control with COVID and bushfires resulting in spending a few long months looking for work.

Proudest moment

Preparing myself for my first ever 21km hill marathon and achieving a silver medal. 

Top tip

Be experimental. Explore. Take advice but follow your heart. Take risks but have fall back options.