Agnes Walker

Fellow at ANU (2005 to 2015)
Australian Centre for Economic Research on Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy


About you

 now a retired woman, who nearly-always enjoyed working full-time during her varied career in often high-level jobs, eg in public-service and academia (currently still reviewing manuscripts for peer-reviewed Journals)

Area of study

Masters and PhD in engineering and economics.

Key experience areas 

 First-in-family, Scholarship recipient for PhD, culturally diverse background (fluent in 3 languages).

Epic Fail

none, but have responded a couple of times to pressure from bosses even in Director-level jobs (till I gained sufficient self-confidence to say NO)

Proudest moments

 when my work had a major influence on important policy or research-related changes.

Top tip

continue learning/retraining while working, so that you keep at the cutting edge of science/technology and are able to see the ‘big picture’