2023 Progress towards gender equality and diversity


Data from each of the CoS school describing evolution of the workforce towards gender equality and diversity

In 2022, the College of Science put in place a set of Equitable Hiring Practices for a Diverse Workforce guidelines. These guidelines include a yearly reporting mechanism.

The attached spreadsheet is the first part of our 2023 reporting. It gives gender information on the composition of the workforce in each of the CoS Schools. Noticeable progress has been made in terms of the percentages of women identifying academic staff. For the College as a whole, these numbers have increased from 36% to 38% (134 out of 352) for early career academics (levels A,B,C), and from 22.6% to 23.7% (42 out of 177) for senior academics (levels D,E). This takes us one step closer to our goal of reaching 40-60% of staff identifying as women in each staffing category by 2030. 

The attached report is the second part of our 2023 reporting. It gives quantitative and qualitative information on the work done by each School (and the CoS Services group) to develop a more diverse workforce. Notable successes include recent promotions of women academic staff to senior levels, and better representation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples in the CoS workforce (including an apprenticeship leading to an ongoing role in Physics, a visiting indigenous fellowship program at FSES, and the promotion of the first female Indigenous Professor of Mathematics in Australia at MSI).