Share your ideas with our task forces

Publication date
Friday, 14 Apr 2023

The College of Science has recently put in place four taskforces working on the following IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) initiatives:

1. Design an experimental evaluation system for teaching quality that could be more reliable, respectful, equitable, and engaging than our current system (SELTs+peer evaluation).
2. Organise events that will help increase the sense of belonging for the whole CoS community: students, professional staff, and academic staff.
3. Design a set of guidelines to help fieldtrip leaders decrease the risk of sexual assault and sexual harassment on fieldwork.
4. Conduct an ANU version of this study, to determine whether or not there is gender inequity in our allocation of lab space.

As the task forces start their work, they will benefit from informally collecting ideas and views that members of our community have on these four topics. If you would like to share yours, please do so via the links below. Your input will be much appreciated. It is provided anonymously, but feel free to include your contact details if you would like to be contacted for further discussions.

Share your ideas with task force 1 (teaching evaluation)

Share your ideas with the other task forces