The College of Science aims to make its teaching and learning fully inclusive, equitable, and able to benefit from diverse perspectives. This involves staff and students co-designing improvements to our education activities, as well as initiatives to increasing diversity.  

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Future Research Talent

This scholarship programme aims to bring to ANU highly talented research students from India and Indonesia for a research visit. It has brought to CoS many exceptional individuals, such as Chandan Singh.

HDR scholarship extension for gender affirmation

Update June 2024: this policy has been suspended, pending decisions at the University level.

At the College of Science, we strongly value the diversity that our transgender students bring to our HDR cohort, expanding our research perspectives, and helping us change our culture. We know that going through gender affirmation procedures is an intense process. With the new Enterprise Agreement, staff members of the University will soon be supported through this process with the provision of gender affirmation leave. Our HDR students, on the other hand, do not yet have access to similar support. This is why the College of Science School Directors have committed to providing HDR students undergoing gender affirmation procedures with a 6 week extension to their scholarship. This matches the best gender affirmation leave available in the private sector.

If you are a HDR student about to go through gender affirmation procedures, talk to your supervisor about it. Your supervisor can then contact the Associate Dean Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (Pierre Portal, to request the extension. The Associate Dean will have a chat with you about your plans, and any extra support you might need (using, among other things, the ANU Gender Affirmation Guide). They will contact your School Director to organise the scholarship extension.

The Australian Women of Mathematics exhibit

What do mathematicians do? What are mathematicians like, as people? These questions have stereotypical answers that do not come anywhere close to describing the reality of what mathematics is, and who mathematicians are, in the 21st century. The Australian Women of Mathematics exhibit is an artistic and scientific project that aims to shine some light on this reality, in 2021 Australia.


  • Gender inclusive handbook (PDF, 529KB). A guidebook designed at ANU to promote gender -inclusive teaching through an exploration of contemporary research on the challenges faced by female or gender minority students, and to provide practical strategies and solutions for addressing these challenges.