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The Future is Biological, Not Digital: Now Innovate
Thu, Oct 6 2022, 4pm

Chandran Nair, Founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT), will outline his views on why the future is biological and not digital, bringing together existential threats of climate change together with the future of work, the role of purposeful technology and food and security issues.

Mon, Oct 10 2022, 6pm

This World Mental Health Day, join our experts to explore the less understood, but critical emerging discoveries in mental health.

Science. Arts. Film Series: MARTHA
Thu, Oct 27 2022, 6pm

This evening brings together a range of perspectives – including those of artists who transform streetscapes and neighbourhoods with their artwork, and researchers studying artistic expressions on urban surfaces – to talk about the evolution and change of graffiti and street art over time.

Thu, Nov 3 2022, 6pm

The Steinach-Film is an innovative 1922 silent documentary about the discovery and significance of the sex hormones by endocrinologist Professor Eugen Steinach’s team in 1910s Vienna. The film’s themes historical context will be explored in the accompanying panel discussion.