You can have it all

You can have it all
You make us Australia’s national university
Whether your interests are broad or unique, ANU has what you need to get the most out of your university experience and to future-proof your career.


Get out of the classroom (or the lab) and into the field. Our students get practical experience at sites around Australia including the snowy mountains, the coral reef and our coastal campus. Who says uni can’t be an island paradise?


ANU has an official, for-credit internship program just for science students! So you can get the work experience, networks and competitive edge you need when you graduate. Did we mention your internship counts toward your degree?

Global learning

China, Switzerland, Mexico… where will it be? Take your studies abroad through one of the many global programs we offer. So you can learn science from some of the world’s other best unis.

Rewarding careers

Three words: Australia’s. Most. Employable. That’s what ANU graduates have been rated and you could be one of them! Put yourself ahead of the competition and find the ultimate career. It all starts at ANU.