Pain, pleasure and popcorn: Persuasion in the absence of power

 Location: Acton campus
 Format: Interactive presentation
 Year group: Years 10 -12
 Duration: 60 minutes (flexible)
 Number of students: 30 (flexible)
 Availability: Weekdays excluding public holidays. Please contact us for availability throughout the rest of the year. At least 1 months’ notice required
 Cost: No cost

Why and how are people influenced by others?  Is it blind obedience or thoughtful consideration?  Are we “just going along with the crowd” or do we really believe it? These are some of the types of questions that we’ll see to answer in this presentation.  Professor Michael Platow will review some exciting social-psychological research on social influence, outlining why and how we are influenced by others.

Michael Platow is a professor of psychology at the Australian National University. In addition to his Ph.D. in psychology, he holds a Masters of Higher Education and has published widely on the social-psychology of leadership and social influence; justice, fairness, and trust; intergroup relations, including prejudice and discrimination; and education. Professor Platow's research has been recognized by his election as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.