Evening School Visit to Mount Stromlo Observatory

Mt Stromlo Observatory offers evening school/educational group visits. A typical evening visit starts with a welcome by professional astronomers where students will have the opportunity to ask questions. The students then take a tour of the research buildings. The tour includes viewing the labs where instruments for the Giant Magellan Telescope are being built, our Laser Space Debris Telescope, a 250kg meteorite, Professor Brian Schmidt's Nobel Prize and more. The visit then continues with the main part of the evening, a stargazing session using Mt Stromlo's outreach telescopes.


On campus (Mount Stromlo)


Interactive tour

Program duration

2 hours (evening - to begin when the sun sets)

Year group

Years 4 -12

Number of students

45 (maximum)


Monday – Thursday throughout the year, with the exception of university closure.


$15 per student