Daytime School Visit to Mount Stromlo Observatory

A typical daytime visit takes students on a tour around the site showing them both the research buildings and telescope domes while explaining the science that has been done at Mt Stromlo over the past 100 years.

On the tour, we also talk about the current science projects being undertaken and our future plans. The tour includes viewing the labs where instruments for the Giant Magellan Telescope are being built, our Laser Space Debris Telescope, a 250kg meteorite, Professor Brian Schmidt's Nobel Prize and more. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Depending on the length of the visit, students may also participate in hands-on activities in the Visitor Centre.


On campus (Mount Stromlo)


Interactive tour

Program duration

60 - 120 minutes (flexible)

Year group

Years 4 -12

Number of students

45 (maximum)


Monday – Thursday throughout the year, with the exception of university closure.


$15 per student