Chemistry at ANU: Practical Classes

The Research School of Chemistry at ANU offers an array of practical laboratory classes on campus. These include:

  • Spectrophotometry - Analysis of copper content in brass
  • Making Aspirin and Paracetamol
  • Crystals and Blueprinting
  • Slime and Fluorescein
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream

The level of experiments also varies depending on the age group and our scientists will make every effort to link into the National Curriculum where possible. The visit may include a tour through a research area.

Please note it is required that students wear closed shoes that are non-absorbent.


On campus



Program duration

120 - 180mins (Flexible)

Year group

Years 10 -12

Number of students

100 (flexible)


Weekdays excluding public holidays. Please contact us for availability throughout the rest of the year. At least 1 months’ notice required


No cost