Bachelors degree application for international applicants

First Semester 2019 commencement – Undergraduate International

Due to high demand for our programs, Undergraduate International applications direct to ANU for commencement in First Semester 2019 (February intake) are now closed.

Starting a bachelor degree is an exciting moment in your life. This guide will help you find the right degree for you and to submit an application.

Find your course

Visit the Bachelor degrees page to browse our degree offering to find a course that's right for you.


Understand the entry requirements

Overseas high school qualifications

Please refer to the latest international student qualifications table below as a guide to the required entry scores for international qualifications. If you are applying for entry to a flexible double degree, you must meet the higher entry-score requirement of the two degrees.

Completing Australian year 12

If you are an international student completing year 12 in Australia, you will need to have an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), or equivalent, that meets the entry requirement for your preferred degree.


Gather supporting documents

When you apply, you will need to upload clear, colour copies of your academic transcripts, graduation certificates, and proof of English Language proficiency. There is no need to certify your documents, however they must be original copies. ANU independently verifies the authenticity of your qualifications.


Submit your application

Completing Australian Year 12, New Zealand NCEA Level 3, or International Baccalaureate (IB) (UAC)

If you are currently completing an Australian Year 12, a New Zealand NCEA Level 3, or an International Baccalaureate (IB), you need to apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

UAC allows you to list up to nine preferences, but you can change these preferences after you submit your application. You can even change your preferences after you have received an offer. Your preferences will be assessed in the order you list, so make sure you list your preferences in the order you would most like to study. You can also choose an ANU Flexible Double Degree and make your final decision when you receive an offer.

Please refer to the UAC website for information on application deadlines.

All other international students

If you are transferring from an international university you may apply for credit for your previous studies.


Receive an offer

Applications direct to ANU

Applications generally take 4-6 weeks to assess.

ANU will contact all successful and unsuccessful applicants by email. When you apply, please ensure you supply an active email address. Check your email regularly so you don't miss any correspondence.

Applications to the University Admissions Centre (UAC)

All offers are made through UAC and are released in rounds. You can access your offers and correspondence by logging into your UAC account.

UAC will also send you an email to remind you to check your offers and correspondence. It is important that you provide an email address that you check regularly and you can easily access.