Bachelors degree application for domestic applicants

Starting a bachelor degree is an exciting moment in your life. This guide will help you find the right degree for you and to submit an application.

Find your course

Visit the Bachelor degrees page to browse our degree offering to find a course that's right for you.


Understand the entry requirements

Australian Year 12

In most cases, you will assessed with your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). If your ATAR is below the entry requirement for your preferred degree, you may be eligible for consideration for an ANU entry scheme or for adjustment factors, to assist you to meet our published entry requirements. If you don't have an ATAR, you may consider one of our alternative entry pathways or programs.

Other qualifications/assessable criteria

ANU may also assess applicants using a range of other qualifications, alternative schooling arrangements, tertiary studies and work experience. For a full list of assessable criteria, see the ANU Admissions Policy and ANU Admissions Procedure.


Gather supporting documents

When you apply to ANU, it's important to attach any requested supporting documentation, otherwise your application could be delayed.

The University Admissions Centre lists examples of supporting documents you may need to include.


Submit your application

Submit your application to Universities Admissions Centre. Applications will remain open after the early bird deadline, up until their individual published closing date or unless otherwise notified. Check the UAC Course Search to confirm the closing date of your preferred ANU program, and ensure to submit your application before applications close.


Review your preferences

It is important to order your preferences wisely in your application. You may only receive one offer per round, for your highest eligible preference, so make sure you list your preferences in the order you would most like to study them. If you aren't eligible for your first preference, your second preference will be assessed, and so on. If you receive an offer, your lower preferences will not be assessed.

You may to list up to five preferences, but you can change these preferences through UAC after you submit your application; you can even change your preferences after you have received an offer. Login to your UAC account and follow the change of preference instructions provided.


Receive an offer

All offers are made through UAC and are released in rounds. You can access your offers and correspondence by logging into your UAC account. UAC will also send you an email to remind you to check your offers and correspondence. It is important that you provide an email address that you check regularly and you can easily access.