Degree options

Find out more about different degree options including single, double, flexible double and vertical flexible double degrees.

Single degrees

Bachelors degrees

Single bachelors degrees generally take between three and four years of full-time study to complete, and allow you to focus on a structured discipline or experience a broad range of subjects.

For more information visit the Bachelors degree page.

Masters degrees

All Masters degrees in science are single degree programs. For more information visit the Masters degree page.

Double degrees

Flexible Double Degrees™

A Flexible Double Degree from ANU is the perfect option if you have a passion for two areas of study and want to make the most of your time at university. By choosing a Flexible Double Degree, you can graduate with two qualifications–and double the job prospects. A Flexible Double Degree also takes less time to complete than two separate degrees, and costs less.

Please note not all science degrees are available for a Flexible Double Degree. For more information visit the main ANU website or contact us.

Flexible Vertical Double Degrees

A Flexible Vertical Double Degree (FVDD) is a new double degree which allows students to combine a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree from related disciplines for depth of knowledge and specialist skills; or combine degrees from different disciplines for breadth and transferrable skills.

These programs generally take 4 years to complete (5.5 for the Juris Doctor) and offer time and cost savings when compared with studying a Bachelors and a Masters degree separately.

Find a list of available science Flexible Vertical Double Degree groups on the main ANU website.