Science communication

ANU was the first place in Australia to open a science communication centre, and it’s now one of the most diverse of its kind in the world. Our global leaders in science communication will help you explore science through the gaze of journalism, social media, science shows and science policy, and provide you with the tools to analyse science and technology issues in the community. Science communicators from ANU are pioneers in research and trailblazers in communication. Their opinion pieces attract millions of readers, they regularly appear on national radio, and you can even find them doing public events in the pub.

Career opportunities

Find work in government, the community sector, industry or even as a media or social media personality. Whether you enjoy writing, presenting, tweeting, organising big events for thousands of people or ensuring every single one of your patients gets just what they need, studying science communication enhances your communication skills and social awareness. These skills are increasingly desired by science employers and could launch your career in all kinds of directions.