Psychology is the study of human behaviour, emotion, cognition and well being. At ANU, we tackle the big ideas in psychology, while relating them to real-world contexts. We are leaders in our field, with a global reputation for excellence in cognition and perception, developmental, clinical and health psychology, and social psychology. Our researchers are making breakthroughs in mental health prevention and treatment, understanding how children and youth can build stronger and happier futures, and addressing prejudice through social connections.

Career opportunities

Psychology graduates have skills essential to any workplace. They understand human motivation and behaviour (people skills), data analytics and statistics (research and data skills), and are experienced at teamwork and communication (report writing, essays, presentations, group presentations, and communication skills).

Our students go on to successful careers in diverse fields such as research, management consulting, human resources, marketing, social marketing and public relations, public policy, child development and welfare, health and human services (counselling, rehabilitation), education, and clinical practice.