Physics underpins all aspects of human life, and encompasses fundamental theories, application and commercialisation. ANU is home to Australia’s largest university-based physics research institution, with world-class facilities and over 150 physicists, including the team who played a critical role in the detection of gravitational waves—hailed as the biggest scientific breakthrough of the century. Our academics work across the full spectrum of physics research—and so can you. Our inclusive teaching environment means you will receive tailored support to pursue your interests, whether you want to use physics to unravel the fundamental mysteries of the Universe, or to launch a tech start-up that will change the world.

Career opportunities

Physics at ANU prepares you for the future. After graduating, you will have strong analytical, mathematical, theoretical, computational and communication skills. You will be powerful and adaptable to a changing world and a leader in a workforce that is pushing the limits of technology.

Recent graduates of ours have gone on to roles in finance, defence, government, and to PhD programs at some of the best universities in the world, including Harvard, Cornell, Cambridge—and of course, ANU.

Research schools