Medical & health sciences

ANU has produced three Nobel Prize-winners in Physiology and Medicine and is home to Australia’s national medical research institute. Our researchers are making medical advances in the fields of immunology, cancer, genomics, neuroscience, mental health, infectious diseases, obesity and metabolic disorders. These researchers are your teachers in medical and health sciences at ANU, and even as an undergraduate you can work alongside them in their active research labs, witnessing breakthroughs as they happen, and gaining critical practical expertise.

Career opportunities

Gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to pursue your career in medical and health sciences. You’ll acquire skills in modern molecular, cellular and biotechnological techniques. This will allow you to go on to areas in graduate medicine, forensic science, medical research, allied health and health administration.

Studying medicine at ANU

The ANU Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD) is a postgraduate, four-year degree. You cannot study medicine as an undergraduate at ANU. Further information on the admissions process and how to apply is available on the ANU Medical School website.