Earth & marine sciences

Earth and marine sciences look at the underlying processes of how the Earth works, including the environmental, planetary and climate processes. By bringing together aspects of geology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology, Earth and marine sciences help you understand what shapes our planet and environment. For example, our scientists can be found on the Antarctic Peninsula collecting ice cores to study climate change, or in the Mount Isa desert, studying rock formations to understand global tectonic shifts. As a student you will head out into the field too, studying rocks around Canberra or even coral reefs in Queensland. Join them at ANU and discover why we are the best place in Australia and one of the best places in the entire world (QS World University Rankings 2017) to launch your career in Earth and marine sciences.

Career opportunities

Students of Earth and marine sciences have the critical-thinking, problem-solving and technical skills and knowledge to embark on an exciting and varied career. Enter into areas such as climate and ocean science, mineral and petroleum exploration, geoscience, exploratory geologist, natural resource management, and environmental monitoring.