Diploma of Science

The ANU Diploma of Science is a new pathway into the Bachelor of Science. Once students have completed the Diploma of Science and achieved a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 out of 7 they can progress into the second year of the ANU Bachelor of Science program.

You can choose a variety of subjects in the areas of science that interest you, whether that be in biology and chemistry, computer science and mathematics, or physics and psychology. You will also have the opportunity to take subjects outside of science, such as culture and development.

You will develop the academic knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills that will support success at the bachelor degree level. If you aspire to join the Bachelor of Science but do not meet the ANU admission requirements, or science prerequisites, this program may provide you with an alternative pathway to your future at the ANU.

Program structure and content

You are required to study a total of 8 courses.

Compulsory course:

ANUC 1101: Professional Communication

Science courses:

Plus four courses from two of the following Science Disciplines:

ANUC1125 Biology 1
ANUC1126 Biology 2

ANUC1127 Chemistry 1
ANUC1128 Chemistry 2

Computer Science
ANUC1100 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms
ANUC1110 Introduction to Software Systems Mathematics

ANUC1129 Mathematics and Applications 1
ANUC1130 Mathematics and Applications 2

ANUC1131 ANUC1131 Physics 1
ANUC1132 ANUC1132 Physics 2

ANUC1133 Psychology 1: Understanding Mind, Brain and Behaviour
ANUC1134 Psychology 2: Understanding People in Context


Three courses chosen from either the Science Disciplines list or from the following courses:
ANUC1003 Algebra and Calculus Methods
ANUC1005 Discrete Mathematical Models
ANUC1102 Culture and Human Diversity: Introducing Anthropology
ANUC1103 Global Citizen: Culture, Development and Inequality
ANUC1104 Introduction to Social Psychology
ANUC1107 Logic and Critical Reasoning
ANUC1710 Web Development and Design

Intake date (2018)

February 19