An understanding of chemistry is critically important for anyone planning a career in science, medicine or engineering. At ANU, you will learn from leading researchers who are using chemistry to make a difference to our world, by improving the understanding of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, or the performance of capacitors in our electronic devices like laptops and phones. When ANU chemists aren’t conducting ground-breaking research in our new state-of-the-art laboratories, they’re bringing their findings straight to the classroom to share with students. Thanks to our small class sizes, chemistry drop-in centre, and accessible academics, you’ll have the support and important networks you need for your future in science.

Career opportunities

With expertise in chemistry, you’ll have highly transferable lab-based skills. You will also have an understanding of biological structures and processes; the effects of drugs and other chemicals on the body; the electrical, magnetic and photochemical properties of materials; and geological and atmospheric processes. This will set you up for a variety of careers including chemical engineer, patent agent, pathologist, pharmacist, teacher and biochemist.

Research schools