Siding Spring Observatory

Siding Spring Observatory: SkyMapper telescope dome Siding Spring Observatory: SkyMapper telescope dome

Siding Spring Observatory (SSO), on the edge of the Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran, NSW, is Australia's premier optical and infrared astronomical observatory.

The Australian National University’s Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA) operates its research telescopes, and hosts those of other institutions at this spectacular location next to the picturesque Warrumbungle National Park.

It boasts a 2.3-metre telescope, which provides hands-on experience for ANU students, and SkyMapper, a state-of-the-art automated wide-field survey telescope, which is creating the first comprehensive digital survey of the stars and galaxies which make up the entire southern sky.

Active telescopes

  • ANU 2.3m Telescope
  • SkyMapper telescope
  • Anglo-Australian Telescope
  • Faulkes Telescope South
  • Hot Jupiters in the Southern Sky: The HAT-South Project
  • iTelescope.Net
  • Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (ROTSE)
  • Solaris Telescope
  • United Kingdom Schmidt Telescope (UKST)

Fields of research