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When a tree dies, don't waste your breath. Rescue the wood to honour its memory

More concerning than the death of a tree is how we waste them afterwards.

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19 Nov 2019

Loneliness is a social cancer, every bit as alarming as cancer itself

We believe loneliness is as important an issue as climate change, the economy, or education.

2 Oct 2019

Australia is the runaway global leader in building new renewable energy

In Australia, renewable energy is growing at a per capita rate ten times faster than the world average.

2 Oct 2019

How to manage grass pollen exposure this hay fever season: an expert guide

Nearly one in five Australians are affected by hay fever. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, you’ll know how troublesome the symptoms can be.

23 Sep 2019

How rising temperatures affect our health

What do high temperatures do to our bodies? And how much extra heat can people and our way of living tolerate?

9 Sep 2019

Timely intervention: how Doctor Who shapes public attitudes to science

Scientists and science fans love to discuss the science in Doctor Who.

9 Sep 2019

Science fiction as a potent policy tool

Despite concerns about using stories in policy, science fiction has a deep impact on policy debates and public understanding.

9 Sep 2019

How we discovered the climate problem

By connecting climate change to its material impact on the world, scientists have transformed an observation into a policy problem.

12 Aug 2019

UN climate change report: land clearing and farming contribute a third of the world's greenhouse gases

We can’t achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement without managing emissions from land use, according to the IPCC.

12 Aug 2019

If we want liveable cities in 2060 we'll have to work together to transform urban systems

But what will the liveability of our cities be like in 40 years’ time?