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Renewable energy to future-proof global trade

The ANU Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific project will provide a blueprint for how Australia can become the region's renewable energy powerhouse.

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Academic profile | 1 Aug 2019

Vanquishing prejudice takes practice

Jessica Halem’s job at Harvard Medical School is to alleviate suffering. But she’s not a doctor.

Program participants doing yoga in the Alexander Maconochie Centre

Analysis and opinion | 22 Jul 2019

First-ever Australian study shows how yoga can improve the lives of prisoners

A small group of male prisoners has participated in an eight-week yoga program at the Alexander Maconochie Centre, which houses all adult prisoners in Canberra.

Research story | 22 Jul 2019

Could you survive a trip to Mars?

At a recent public lecture, Dr Emma Tucker posed a question to the audience: who would like to travel to space?

Student blog | 9 Jul 2019

Do you have imposter syndrome?

“Hello, I’m Not-Clever-Enough-To-Have-A-PhD. What’s your name?”

Research story | 28 May 2019

Baby did a lab, lab thing: the families being studied for science

What’s it like to be studied by researchers for your entire life – including in your own home?

Analysis and opinion | 2 Apr 2019

If we want students to feel safe at school, we can't encourage teachers to spot potential extremists

We must be cautious when promoting kneejerk responses to complex issues, particularly when it involves the welfare and future of children.

Research story | 19 Feb 2019

The truth about truthiness

“The really cool thing about this is … ,” she begins, before stopping herself mid-sentence. “No, wait. I should say, it’s the really disturbing thing.”

Academic profile | 17 Jan 2019

Surgeon makes the cut as new Dean

Meet the new Dean of the ANU College of Health and Medicine: Professor Russell Gruen.

Research story | 19 Nov 2018

Meet the psychologist curing migraines with therapy

If you're suffering from migraine, should you see a doctor about it – or a psychologist?

Research story | 18 Apr 2018

The fact of the matter

"We need to reconstruct a shared perspective of what are facts.”

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