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Illegal logging on Victoria's steep slopes putting lives at risk

The Victorian Government is in breach of its own forest laws, allowing logging on steep slopes and putting lives at risk, according to ANU researchers.

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Analysis and opinion | 19 Nov 2019

When a tree dies, don't waste your breath. Rescue the wood to honour its memory

More concerning than the death of a tree is how we waste them afterwards.

Research story | 18 Nov 2019

Requiem for a reef

Atop Mt Stromlo, under a full moon, researchers, musicians and a glass artist met to draw attention to the impacts of climate change on coral reef ecosystems.

News | 7 Nov 2019

Antarctica likely to drive rapid sea-level rise under climate change

Scientists have show that ice melt drives rapid and high sea-level rise, offering a forewarning of what to expect under human-driven climate change.

News | 6 Nov 2019

Red deer evolving to give birth earlier in warming climate

Red deer on a Scottish island are evolving to give birth earlier in the year as the climate warms.

News | 30 Oct 2019

Genetic history of endangered Australian songbird could inspire an encore

The genetic history of a critically endangered songbird shows its best chance of survival is to protect its rapidly disappearing habitat.

News | 16 Oct 2019

Scientists find new way to develop drought-resilient crops

Australian research could help breeders develop more drought-resilient crops that can produce more food and more profit with less water.

News | 11 Oct 2019

Fairy-wrens change breeding habits to cope with climate change

Warmer temperatures linked to climate change are having a big impact on the breeding habits of one of Australia’s most recognisable bird species.

News | 10 Oct 2019

Scientists call on public to help solve tree murder mystery

Researchers are asking the public to help investigate a phenomenon that’s killing Australia’s iconic snow gums.

Analysis and opinion | 2 Oct 2019

Australia is the runaway global leader in building new renewable energy

In Australia, renewable energy is growing at a per capita rate ten times faster than the world average.

News | 26 Sep 2019

Girt by sea, Australia faces serious climate challenge

The latest report from the IPCC paints a grim picture of the future of Australia’s coastal areas, but there’s still time to avoid the worst scenario.

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