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Renewable energy to future-proof global trade

The ANU Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific project will provide a blueprint for how Australia can become the region's renewable energy powerhouse.

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Career story | 11 Sep 2019

My science journey and where I am now

Sophie Lewis, 2019 ACT Scientist of the Year and ANU alumni, delivers a speech to tomorrow's scientists.

Research story | 6 Sep 2019

Study finds a barrier to NT crocs returning to capture sites

New insights into the navigation and movement of crocodiles could help stop clashes between crocs and humans.

Mossy Red-eyed Frog (Duellmanohyla soralia)

Research story | 27 Aug 2019

The last croak

A strange fungal disease is killing frogs and other amphibians in Australia and other parts of the world.

Analysis and opinion | 23 Apr 2019

Logged native forests mostly end up in landfill, not in buildings and furniture

It’s time to recognise logging for short-lived wood products is a poor use of native forests.

Analysis and opinion | 8 Apr 2019

Australia’s 2018 environmental scorecard: a dreadful year that demands action

Environmental news is rarely good. But even by those low standards, 2018 was especially bad.

Analysis and opinion | 4 Feb 2019

Damning royal commission report leaves no doubt that we all lose if the Murray-Darling Basin Plan fails

Evidence uncovered by the Royal Commission has shown systemic failures in the implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Analysis and opinion | 21 Dec 2018

For the first time we've looked at every threatened bird in Australia side-by-side

Glossy Black-Cockatoos used to be common on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island until possums started eating their eggs and chicks.

Career story | 10 Dec 2018

Oh forestry, oh forestry: An un-fir-gettable ANU love story

Meet the Fenner School alumni who are now running Tasmania's first Christmas tree farm.

News | 29 Aug 2018

Urgent action needed to help critically endangered regent honeyeaters

Research led by ANU sheds new light on the rapid decline of the once-common regent honeyeater, offering new opportunities to help save the bird from extinction.

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