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Woman holding a diagram

It’s not like having your appendix out: why communication matters for women having a hysterectomy

"I'm going to listen to the gynaecologists, I'm going to listen to the hysterectomy patients."

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Woman holding a diagram

"I'm going to listen to the gynaecologists, I'm going to listen to the hysterectomy patients."


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Analysis and opinion | 13 Oct 2020

‘You wake up with lab-engineered coffee’: how our imaginations can help decide Earth’s future

Achieving a radically different tomorrow will require more than a purely technocratic approach. So now, imagine you are in the year 2050...

AAP Image/Dan Peled

Analysis and opinion | 13 Oct 2020

We looked at 35 years of rainfall and learnt how droughts start in the Murray-Darling Basin

To fully understand why droughts begin, persist and end, we need to answer the question: where does Australia’s rainfall come from? It may seem basic, but the answer isn't so simple.

Forest after bushfire

News | 8 Oct 2020

Thinning forests no defence against fires

The scientific evidence showed that across almost every forest age and type, thinning made little difference.

Analysis and opinion | 8 Oct 2020

Every year in Australia, nature grows 8 new trees for you — but that alone won’t fix climate change

Trees in Australia are many, varied and sometimes huge. But how many are there exactly? And how does their number change over time?

Dr Marta Yebra is using satellites to help manage and predict fires. Photo: Jamie Kidston

News | 1 Oct 2020

New partnership to help stop catastrophic bushfires

Optus and The Australian National University (ANU) have joined forces to develop a revolutionary national system that aims to detect bushfires early.


News | 24 Sep 2020

Fire and logging reduce homes for threatened mammals

Fire and logging are substantially reducing the number of hollow-bearing trees that threatened and critically endangered Australian mammals can use as homes, a new study from The Australian National University (ANU) warns.

Bronwyn Wilkes holding a basket of fruit and vegetables

Research story | 21 Sep 2020

If receiving your fruit and veg box makes you feel weirdly happy, you’re not alone

Beyond the convenience of skipping supermarket queues, it seems the humble fruit and veggie box can make some people feel, well, happier.

The cover of the Adelaide Surveyor General's Weather folios. Credit: National Archive of Australia - Adelaide

News | 8 Sep 2020

Help complete Australia’s longest daily weather record

We are launching a new citizen science project to create Australia's longest daily weather record, beginning 1838.

New York city

News | 4 Sep 2020

People power key to getting through COVID-19 pandemic

The strength of connections, be it human connections within cities, or collaborative networks between cities, has been a key factor in determining how effectively the world's biggest cities have been able to navigate the COVID-19.

Analysis and opinion | 27 Aug 2020

Need a mood lift? We’ve tracked 4 ways Australia’s environment has repaired itself in 2020

Researchers have collated measurements made by satellites, field sensors and people, to get a picture of the nature's recovery while we've been in lockdown.

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