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Weighing up the communication challenges of pill testing

Stephanie David's research combines her studies with her experience as an active member of Canberra’s music scene.

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News | 7 Nov 2019

Antarctica likely to drive rapid sea-level rise under climate change

Scientists have show that ice melt drives rapid and high sea-level rise, offering a forewarning of what to expect under human-driven climate change.

Research story | 5 Nov 2019

Fitting and turning for world-class research

Where does an ANU researcher go when they need to get a meteorite cut?

News | 26 Sep 2019

Girt by sea, Australia faces serious climate challenge

The latest report from the IPCC paints a grim picture of the future of Australia’s coastal areas, but there’s still time to avoid the worst scenario.

Career story | 11 Sep 2019

My science journey and where I am now

Sophie Lewis, 2019 ACT Scientist of the Year and ANU alumni, delivers a speech to tomorrow's scientists.

News | 28 Aug 2019

Wind mystery inside gas giant Saturn begins to unravel

A new study argues that Saturn's interior flows like honey due to its magnetic field.

Research story | 16 Aug 2019

Under the ice

What does the latest research predict about the future for Antarctica?

Research story | 15 Aug 2019

Behind the scenes of science

The unsung heroes of science: meet the people who make our research possible.

Analysis and opinion | 29 Jul 2019

There's a simple way to drought-proof a town – build more water storage

Available water supply is not only determined by rainfall. It also depends on water storage.

News | 19 Jul 2019

Lunar rocks debunk moon landing conspiracy theories

ANU scientist Professor Trevor Ireland, who is a space rock expert, said no conspiracy would have or could have made the Moon rocks.

Analysis and opinion | 15 Jul 2019

Arctic ice loss is worrying, but the giant stirring in the South could be even worse

There are worrying signs Antarctica is changing faster than expected and in places previously thought to be protected from rapid change.

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