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ANU wins silver at 3MT Asia Pacific

ANU PhD student Lithin Louis has taken second place at the 2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT final in Queensland for his presentation 'Mysteries of a Beating Heart'.

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News | 4 Sep 2019

Tall Poppy with a broader view of chemistry

Researcher, lecturer and gender equality crusader, Dr Lara Malins, has been awarded an ACT Tall Poppy.

Research story | 15 Aug 2019

Behind the scenes of science

The unsung heroes of science: meet the people who make our research possible.

News | 7 Aug 2019

Nature offers potential for endless renewable fuel supplies

Scientists have cracked a key step in nature’s water-splitting recipe, which may be harnessed to make a limitless supply of cheap renewable fuel.

Student blog | 24 Jun 2019

Passionate science: 6 STEM students share their hobbies

Six STEM students from the ANU share their passions within and outside the realm of science.

Student blog | 18 Jun 2019

How to survive winter exams

Elmie knows a thing or two about doing the exam period right.

News | 22 May 2019

ANU scientists help unlock the potential of ultra-thin 2D materials

Scientists from ANU demonstrate maximum potential of ultra-thin 2D materials to generate electricity with sunlight.

News | 9 Apr 2019

‘Compounds ANU’ forges bonds between chemistry, biology and medical research

A collection of chemical compounds is breaking down barriers to research.

Academic profile | 11 Feb 2019

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science

To celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, ANU researchers share their experiences and hopes for the future.

Academic profile | 20 Nov 2018

Our Lord of the rings

Dr Brookhouse, loves to peer back through time by examining the growth rings from trees. Yes, he’s a dendrochronologist. And he’s made an amazing discovery..

Research story | 20 Nov 2018

What’s in your bag?

ANU scientists unpack their bags—and their research—for us.

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