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Divers underwater extracting coral core samples

Getting to the core of climate history

PhD researcher Jess Hargreaves digs out coral skeletons to understand how rainfall patterns in the South-East Indian Ocean region have changed over time.

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Divers underwater extracting coral core samples

PhD researcher Jess Hargreaves digs out coral skeletons to understand how rainfall patterns in the South-East Indian Ocean region have changed over time.


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Media release, News | 28 Sep 2021

Bacteria blasting cancer treatment shows promise

A low-cost, non-toxic cancer treatment has been developed by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU). The treatment uses dead bacteria to help kick-start the immune system and shrink cancer.

Research story | 13 Sep 2021

Move over magpies: are cuckoos the meanest bird?

Since it’s Bad Bird Season, we ask cuckoo apologist - sorry, cuckoo expert - Professor Naomi Langmore to explain how it could possibly be that the cuckoo doesn’t mean to be mean, when it sure looks like it does.

Artwork by Arison Kul from Lae Papua New Guinea.

Analysis and opinion | 27 Aug 2021

Pacific Island bats are utterly fascinating, yet under threat and overlooked. Meet 4 species

A whopping 191 different bat species live in the Pacific Islands across Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia — but these are, collectively, the most imperilled in the world. In fact, five of the nine bat species that have gone extinct in the last 160 years have come from this region.

Some small fish, swimming, against a dark background. The fish are a golden colour.

News | 30 Jul 2021

Older males come out on top in battle of the breeders

Age is no barrier when it comes to reproducing for male mosquitofish.

Professor Barry Pogson is in agricultural field with rows of seedlings.

News | 22 Jul 2021

ANU centre to turbo-charge crop production

A new research centre based at ANU will train the next generation of scientists to develop more resilient crops and significantly grow Australia's agricultural sector.

News | 29 Jun 2021

Shock find brings extinct mouse back from the dead

An Australian mammal thought to have been wiped out over 150 years ago can now be crossed off our list of extinct animals, following a new study.

Analysis and opinion | 29 Jun 2021

This adorable mouse was considered extinct for over 100 years — until we found it hiding in plain sight

Australia has the world’s worst track record for wiping out mammals, with 34 species declared extinct since European colonisation. But today, we bring some good news: one rodent species, Gould’s mouse (Pseudomys gouldii), is set to be crossed off Australia’s extinct species list.

Media release | 24 Jun 2021

The government’s idea of ‘national environment standards’ would entrench Australia’s global pariah status

A growing global push to halt biodiversity decline, most recently agreed at the G7 on Sunday, leaves Australia out in the cold as the federal government walks away from critical reforms needed to protect threatened species.

Close up of possum held in someone's hands.

News | 17 Jun 2021

Heat spells doom for Aussie marsupials

When animals are hot, they eat less. This potentially fatal phenomenon has been largely overlooked in wild animals, explain researchers from ANU.

Professor Kurt Lambeck in front of projection showing an image of the Earth from space.

News | 15 Jun 2021

King of navigation wins Queen's top honour

A leading ANU researcher who helped make GPS a tool we all use each day has been awarded the top gong in the Order of Australia.

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