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nesting regent honeyeater

What will it take to save the regent honeyeater?

Unless conservation actions are urgently stepped up, one of our most beautiful songbirds, the regent honeyeater, will be extinct within 20 years.

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nesting regent honeyeater

Unless conservation actions are urgently stepped up, one of our most beautiful songbirds, the regent honeyeater, will be extinct within 20 years.


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someone folding clothing

Analysis and opinion | 4 Jan 2022

Moths eating your clothes? It's actually their hungry little caterpillars: here's how to get rid of them

Have you opened your post-lockdown wardrobe, only to discover some of your beautiful summer clothes have holes in them? You’re probably blaming clothes moths but the real culprits are the larvae (caterpillars).

Two elk locking horns

Media release | 17 Dec 2021

Sexist "sexplanation" for men's brilliance debunked

Deeply entrenched scientific beliefs that for more than a century have explained why more men than women are high achievers because of biology are not backed up by evidence, according to new research.

An older person stands next to a tree, talking to some children

Media release | 17 Dec 2021

1,500 endangered languages at high risk

A world-first study warns 1,500 endangered languages could no longer be spoken by the end of this century.

Parrot with a grey body and red head

Student profile | 10 Dec 2021

Get to know the gang-gang cockatoo

They are the faunal emblem of the Australian Capital Territory, but enthusiasm for the gang-gang cockatoo stretches far beyond the Canberra bubble.

Angus Rae

Research story | 2 Nov 2021

Zooming in on legumes offers hope for nitrogen pollution crisis

While Angus Rae focuses intently on a captivating microscopic world, he is actually working towards a solution for an environmental catastrophe occurring on a global scale.

Media release, News | 8 Oct 2021

Brilliant ANU scientists take out Eureka prizes

The brains behind a book aimed at inspiring children with a gravity-defying emu and the team helping to save endangered languages are among the winners of Australia's top science awards - the Eureka Prizes.

Media release, News | 28 Sep 2021

Bacteria blasting cancer treatment shows promise

A low-cost, non-toxic cancer treatment has been developed by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU). The treatment uses dead bacteria to help kick-start the immune system and shrink cancer.

Research story | 13 Sep 2021

Move over magpies: are cuckoos the meanest bird?

Since it’s Bad Bird Season, we ask cuckoo apologist - sorry, cuckoo expert - Professor Naomi Langmore to explain how it could possibly be that the cuckoo doesn’t mean to be mean, when it sure looks like it does.

Artwork by Arison Kul from Lae Papua New Guinea.

Analysis and opinion | 27 Aug 2021

Pacific Island bats are utterly fascinating, yet under threat and overlooked. Meet 4 species

A whopping 191 different bat species live in the Pacific Islands across Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia — but these are, collectively, the most imperilled in the world. In fact, five of the nine bat species that have gone extinct in the last 160 years have come from this region.

Some small fish, swimming, against a dark background. The fish are a golden colour.

News | 30 Jul 2021

Older males come out on top in battle of the breeders

Age is no barrier when it comes to reproducing for male mosquitofish.

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