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ANU wins silver at 3MT Asia Pacific

ANU PhD student Lithin Louis has taken second place at the 2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT final in Queensland for his presentation 'Mysteries of a Beating Heart'.

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Research story | 30 Sep 2019

Wait—we’re sexist towards birds now?

Five years ago, an ANU biologist proved that most female songbirds sing, but it’s a finding that many people are struggling to accept.

News | 18 Sep 2019

Australian wheat shows resistance to devastating disease

Researchers have shown how Australian wheat crops would cope if a destructive disease that’s yet to hit our shores ever made it into the country.

Academic profile | 9 Sep 2019

The butterfly effect

For Michael Braby, hunting new species of butterflies is physically challenging but ultimately rewarding.

Research story | 6 Sep 2019

Study finds a barrier to NT crocs returning to capture sites

New insights into the navigation and movement of crocodiles could help stop clashes between crocs and humans.

Research story | 15 Aug 2019

Behind the scenes of science

The unsung heroes of science: meet the people who make our research possible.

News | 7 Aug 2019

Nature offers potential for endless renewable fuel supplies

Scientists have cracked a key step in nature’s water-splitting recipe, which may be harnessed to make a limitless supply of cheap renewable fuel.

News | 6 Aug 2019

The fate of coral reefs undermined by phosphate mining

A new study from The Australian National University has shown the impact phosphate mining is having on our coral reefs.

Career story | 27 Jul 2019

Finding her way to care for Country

Kristi Lee, a Githabul Bundjalung woman and ANU graduate, has received the ‘Caring for Country’ award at the 2019 ACT NAIDOC Awards.

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